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OPI[MO] shows SS19 to foreign buyers

Presentazione SS19 operatori esteri

Palazzo dei Pio, in Carpi, provides a lot of stunning rooms and in one of these, on the 29th and 30st of May was organized the meeting between foreign buyers and local fashion companies.

The aim of this event, organized by Promec and Carpi Fashion System, is to give value to Carpi textile industry.

Womenswear and accessories companies presented their Spring/Summer 2019 and Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 flash collections.

OPI[MO] joined this incoming and showed to 9 foreign buyers from 6 different nations (Belgium, Germany, Irland, Canada, South Korea and Russia) the new Spring/Summer 2019 collection, giving them the possibility to touch with hands natural fabrics of the collection and the quality of garments.

For further information about the new Spring/Summer 2019 woman collection, do not hesitate to contact us.

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