OPI[MO] is established in a land of craftsmen with a great know-how and it is born from our desire to transform a piece of fabric in dresses which can satisfy women’s needs. OPI[MO] style reflects our passion for fashion: the careful choice of materials and the attention to details, sometimes unrepeatable, are distinctive characteristics of every collection.

Our woman is eclectic, resourceful and dynamic. She wants to distinguish and express herself going through her daily activities with elegance and style.
Our aim is to create refined and polished dresses which enhance, with gracefulness, women’s femininity
thanks to details and stylistics research which characterize Italian handcrafted products.


Style, design, twenty years of passion for fashion and the deep love for our work are the heart and soul of OPI[MO] collections. Italian craftsmanship and handcraft are distinctive characteristics of our garments.

OPI[MO]’s authenticity lies in the dedication of people who, starting from a piece of fabric, create a work of art, adding Italian culture and tradition to every garment.
Our collections are 100% Made in Italy: from the design of pattern to the choice of fabrics, from the best fit to the final packaging of garments.
The result is a high quality Italian product created with a wise and careful manufacture.


Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world.
When we decided to create our own collection, we knew that something had to change as we think that
high quality fashion and respect for the environment can coexist.
We prefer to select fabrics with natural fibers, such as cotton or wool, choosing also mixed fabrics,
but paying attention that they haven’t been submitted to toxic treatments.
Our aim is to offer to women a product that can be worn season by season. A product that remains unchanged in style and in quality.
In our atelier we pay attention to recycling every waste we produce and we decided to give a “second chance” to fabric wastes, donating them to schools and nurseries for the creation of innovative and inspiring projects.


Fashion is our passion.
We sew the perfect garment for every woman starting from an idea and handing down Italy’s knowhow tradition.
This sense of belonging to our root and identity with other people makes us look beyond fashion.
OPI[MO] supports the following social projects:

La caramella buona onlus is involved in the prevention and repression of pedophilia, fighting against sexual crimes and violence against women, giving to victims the possibility to defend themselves.

Cooperativa Amazzonia 90 and Amazzonia Sviluppo onlus pursue welfare projects on the territory of Modena as well as oversea activities in the Amazon forest.
These projects promote sustainable development among local communities in order to combat and prevent tragic consequences of urbanization