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Italian quality and know-how find their highest expression in the seasonal collection: the care and the attention of expert hands play an essential role.


From the search for high quality fabrics, to pattern making, a field in which the company has thirty years of experience, which gives life to shapes and volumes suitable for different silhouette, to the tailoring which takes care of every garments’ details.

Sun, sea and Bougainvillea: our collection, rich in vibrant colors, is inspired by the colors of our coasts. Its contemporary design dresses the dynamic woman who loves attention to detail. In fact, it is the details that enrich our garments and make them unique, as well as the skilful craftsmanship and expert hands who work behind the design of the collection.

Cut-out, portholes, drapes: femininity is explored through particular stylistic devices, which show the shapes and emphasize the silhouette enhancing the female body!