The first time I thought of the project Opificio Modenese I wondered to myself  “what would be the must-have in my closet?”. The answer have already been stored in my mind, contrived in more than twenty years of experience in fashion. The clothes I’d like to wear, should be ideally elegant in every instance and season.
Above all, every time I’d wear them on, they were supposed to make me feel unique. I wanted to create something able to get elegance and self-confidence across clothes. Assuredly, I knew that in order to achieve that result, the right path, consisted in creating an excellent product in every aspect. The search for refined materials, studies and tests on prototypes at the state of art in order to get the best wearability, have come to be a daily and essential commitment. That’s the way Opificio Modense was conceived. A project realized in order to be rendered, not much in a mere brand or collection, yet rather in a refined selection of garments intended to ensure the best sartorial quality.


This is the thought of Gloria Trevisani, project creator and businesswoman of Opificio Modenese counting with over twenty years of experience in fashion, and currently at the helm of Crea-Si company. The latter is a commercial enterprise that apart from the essential handicraft necessary to turn the idea of clothing items into prototypes, joins handcraft knowledge to the latest computer technology, so as to guarantee flawless results to customers. As a matter of facts, the choice of the brand name wasn’t made at random. “Opificio” derives from latin “Opificis” which indicates “an expertise handicraft artisan able to turn row materials into finished products”. Modenese stands to restate the sense of belonging and identity to a committed know-how area to whom Gloria feels deeply attached to. That’s how the garments of Opificio Modenese have been imagined. For that matter, they are addressed to a woman who always wants to be in tune with herself both in dressing and in life, and when in front of the mirror, unique and self-confident. To the woman who, exactly because of her uniqueness, thanks to Opificio Modenese will finally have the chance to wear something truly unique.